Our Menus

Sushi in Kaiseki Style

Omakase: 18 courses, $198 per person

Petite Omakase
Only Tuesday through Thursday

Petite Omakase: 13 courses, $148 per person

à la carte

Our guests can repeat or add more items. Please ask your sushi chef or the server.
Our à la carte menu is available only after the Omakase.

Sake Pairing and Wine Pairing

Omakase with Sake Pairing: +$195
Petite Omakase with Sake Pairing: +$145

Omakase with Wine Pairing: +$175
Petite Omakase with Wine Pairing: +$110

Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

We do not have Vegetarian/Vegan options. We will be able to accommodate most of food allergies (such as shellfish and gluten) and other dietary restrictions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding food restrictions via email: info@kusakabe-sf.com