Hokkaido Murasaki Uni, long spine sea urchin2 weeks aged blue fin toroShirako & Uni, Sous vide Hokkaido cod milt with sea urchin and black truffleChef Nori Kusakabe's homemade Karasumi, Bottarga. Mullet roe was cured in salt and Shochu (Japanese distilled spirit) then dried in open air. The one on the left is on the first day of drying, the other one is after a week.Chef Shin and TakaChef Nori Kusakabe's first knife he bought for himself when he was 18 years old, about 30 years ago. The wooden handle shows the natural wear, the blade is way shorter than the Saya (blade cover) from years of use.Chef Nori Kusakabe had video shoot by #eaterToro from 800lb Bluefin tuna