Chef Shin working on A5 WagyuKamasu, Japanese Barracuda. Their Season has started.Kinki, Line caught Hokkaido big hand snapper cured with Konbu, with its own liverKuromutsu, Japanese blue fish from Tomiura, Chiba prefecture. Cured with Konbu and Shio Konbu on top.Kegani and Bafun uni, Hokkaido Horsehair crab and Hokkaido Short spine sea urchin.Hokkaido white uni and Hokkaido sujiko 北海道白雲丹と北海道筋子Nagori no Ayu 名残の鮎, Japanese sweetfish. Ayu that were caught little before the end of the season are called Nagori no Ayu. Seared skin and grated cucumber.Himeji a.k.a. Ojisan, Rosy goatfish. Ojisan means uncle/middle aged man, it has long whiskers look like beard.